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Basic information:

OOC, "Out of Character" - These are chats that have no direct relation to roleplay and can be used by typing "/looc" or "/ooc" in the chat and then your message.

IC, "In Character" - Means that you are in your current Role as a Clone, Jedi etc. on the server were your acting and or talking about things involving your character or others. Your character/role may have their own traits and personality and is able to have feelings separate to your OOC Self. (It still isn't allowed to just join the server and become something like a retarded clone or jedi)

FailRP - A way of acting or talking in such a way your character and other clones, jedis that would not be deemed as in character acceptable.

Metagaming - Using any form of out of character communication or information, in-character. This is using information received out of character to an advantage for your in Character role.

LTAP, "Leaving to avoid punishment" - This means that you simply timeout, or disconnect to avoid punishment like prison or a ban that is given by a staff member.

RDM, "Random Death Match" - This means to shoot/kill someone without a valid roleplay reason.

RDA, "Random Arrest" - This means to arrest someone without a valid roleplay reason.

General Rules:

§1.1 - The word of Staff is final. If you disagree with any staff members judgement, your able to write a report on the forums and it will be placed under investigation.

§1.2 - Do not use any sexist, racist, homophobic or offensive language. This includes OOC & IC.

§1.3 - Advertising of any form will not be tolerated and will result in severe punishment.

§1.4 - Using any sort of Hacks/Cheats/Exploits/Glitches is not allowed and will be punished with a permanent ban.

§1.5 - Failure to report any exploits or glitches may result in a severe punishment.

§1.6 - AFK farming, the act of gaining levels or money in-game while not present at your computer will result in severe punishments.

§1.7 - The use of any form of a voice changer is punishable via severe punishment.

§1.8 - Impersonating staff members is extremely looked down upon and will result in a 1-5 week ban, if needed it may also result in a permanent ban.

§1.9 - "Minging" the act of breaking multiple rules or any form of "trolling" may result in a permanent ban, the punishment is at the staff members discretion.

§1.10 - Randomly firing a weapon is seen as failRP and requires a reason, you may be AOS or punished by staff.

§1.11 - Only contact staff ingame using the "@" chat command or on discord by joining a support channel.

§1.12 - Under no circumstance may you RDM a player, even with their consent.

§1.13 - LTAP may and will end up in an 3-4 week ban.

§1.14 - FailRP is not tolerated. All situations should be handled in character until told otherwise by Staff.

§1.15 - Excessive use of caps in OOC is a warnable offense.

Roleplay Rules:

§2.1 - You must always listen to the highest ranking officer present, staying on task of their orders unless you have an RP reason to disobey orders. Such as being ordered to do so by an event host.

§2.2 - If you die, do not break NLR. This means do not return to the place you died for 5 minutes unless you have specific admin approval or an in character reason. You must also forget all actions that occurred until your 5 minute timer is up.

§2.3 - For actions used in RP, use "/me" command to describe the actions of your character. Such as the "/me salutes." command.

§2.4 - Do not shoot another clone trooper unless they have been declared as a threat and has to be removed.

§2.5 - Do not use the "/advert" command for non-IC matters the "/advert" command is a in-character communication device only.

§2.6 - Do not attempt to break someone out of, nor break out of, cuffs or prison without a valid RP reason. Such as doing so for an event.

§2.7 - If Jedi are fighting an enemy with a Lightsaber, do not engage as you may accidentally shoot the jedi.

§2.8 - The Grapple Hook may not be used to grapple other players or ships. This will be seen as FailRP.

§2.9 - You must have a valid RP reason and permission from staff to go rogue. If you do not have a valid reason and still go rogue you are subject to punishment.

§2.10 - The Jetpack may not be used outside of the ship, without staff member approval.

Regiment Rules:

§3.1 - Regimental rules can change with their Commanders permission or the Admirals permission.

§3.2 - Regiments may only hold tryouts with a Commander or higher permission.

§3.3 - Promotions must be handled in-character and on the server.

§3.4 - Each player can only be promoted once they have reached their cooldown requirement for their rank.

§3.5 - Vehicles and Jetpacks may only be used when permission of a Commander or Fleet is given.

§3.6 - Regiments must request permission to deploy "heavy-reinforcements class 1-5" such as tanks or speeders.

§3.8 - Grapple Hooks may only be used during events or training with Commander or Fleet permission.

§3.9 - When arresting cadets take them to the spawn room or training room not the prison, they need to be trained not imprisoned.

§3.10 - The taser may not be used to randomly freeze people, you must have a valid reason.

§3.11 - All neutral jobs work under the orders of Fleet. (Droids etc.)


§V.1 - BARC Speeders are allowed to be used by 95th, 104th, 22nd and ARC at the rank of SGT.

§V.2 - AT-TE's are allowed to be used by 327th at the rank of OFZ, Pilots at the rank of CPL.

§V.3 - AT-RT's are allowed to be used by 501st, 187th and 212th at the rank of OFZ, 41st and 95th at the rank of SGT.

§V.4 - TX-130's are allowed to be used by Pilots and 95th at the rank of LTN, 212th at the rank of SGM.

§V.5 - AV-7's are allowed to be used by Pilots, 187th and 22nd at the rank of SGT, ARC and RC at the rank of LTN.

§V.6 - All Starfighters are allowed to be used by Pilots at the rank of PVT, ARC and RC at the rank of SGT, All other clones at the rank of MAJ.

Heavy-reinforcement Classes:

C.1 - (1x LAAT, 2x AT-RT, 4x BARC Speeders, 2x TX-130)

C.2 - (1x AT-TE 3x AV-7, up to 2 different Starfighters)

C.3 - (2x LAAT, 4x TX-130, 2x AT-TE)

C.4 - (2x AV-7, 1x LAAT, up to 4 other Starfighters)

C.5 - (4x LAAT, 4x AT-RT, 1x TX-130)

Staff Rules:

§4.1 - Do not abuse any commands such as !freeze or explode on other staff members or use the physgun in direct view of players.

§4.2 - Do not add yourself to roles you are not appointed to in the whitelist system.

§4.3 - As a member of staff you are expected to act in a mature manner and not misbehave.

§4.5 - You may not abuse the whitelist system to add friends to regiments.

§4.6 - You may not Troll, disrespect etc. any other players or staff.

§4.7 - You may not interfere in Events unless the Event Staff allows you to.

§4.8 - You may not abuse your staff power to your own use.

§4.9 - Should you join another server and receive a staff rank on that server you will lose all Staff privileges on Antiker Rat Gaming Community.