Ban ID's

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Sector Tier ID Time Description
Community X XCM Permanent Community exclusion (perm. ban).
Community X XCM Permanent Community exclusion (perm. ban).
Support | Staff X S1 1 Day1 Week Lying in support / to a staff member.
Support | Staff III S2 1 WeekPermanent Impersonating staff members.
Support | Staff I S2 3 Weeks4 Weeks Leaving to avoid punishment (LTAP).
Software Abuse III SA1 1 MonthPermanent Use of any sort of Hacks / Cheats / Exploits / Glitches.
Gameplay III GP1 Staff discretionPermanent "Minging", the act of breaking multiple rules or any form of "trolling".
Gameplay II GP2 Staff discretion2 Days FailRP
Gameplay III GP3 5 Hours2 Weeks Metagaming
Gameplay III GP4 1 Day1 Weeks RDM
Gameplay II GP5 1 Day4 Days RDM
Chat | Voice X CV1 1 Hour6 Hours Bad language
Chat | Voice I CV2 Staff discretion3 Days Voice changer
Chat | Voice I CV3 MuteKick Caps / Voicespam